Litigation Support Division

Herron Companies Litigation Support Division

Herron Companies: Your Ally in Real Estate

Not all real estate appraisal companies are created equal.

At Herron, we’re known the country over as the "go-everywhere appraisal company" because we provide a diverse range of services from Coast to Coast, from commercial and industrial appraisals to litigation and support.

We have more than a dozen full-time appraisers on staff to assist our clients with valuations of a wide range of property types, from shopping centers and retail buildings to special-purposes properties such as car washes, hotels, and gas stations.

Our Litigation Support Division offers services to lawyers, accountants, and other professionals in need of special analytical expertise. In some cases our extensive experience and comfort level with courtroom testimony is needed as well. On this website you can meet our experts and learn about their experience in consulting and litigation support, and their backgrounds in law, finance, and engineering. We will be pleased to discuss your case at your convenience. Contact Rod Shain if we can be of assistance.