Herron Companies

Not all real estate appraisal companies are created equal.

We’re known across the country as the "go-everywhere appraisal company" because we provide a diverse range of services from coast to coast, from commercial and industrial appraisals to litigation and support. We have more than 20 full-time appraisers on our staff to assist our clients with valuations of a variety of property types, including shopping centers and retail buildings; industrial buildings, plants, and multi-tenant developments; office buildings, from small owner-user buildings to high-rises; residential subdivisions; mixed-use developments; and special-purpose properties, including gas stations, convenience stores, hotels/motels, and car washes.

At Herron Companies, which was founded in 1984 by Steve Herron, our goal has always been to stand out from the rest of the real estate appraisal companies. That objective becomes evident to anyone who visits our 7,000-square-foot company headquarters in Tustin, California. Inside a conventional-looking exterior is a charming faux-industrial look, balanced by friendly furnishings like sofas and a patio table with an umbrella for informal lunches.

"We wanted to create a work environment that was comfortable, yet functional," Steve Herron says. "This is the type of place where employees can efficiently complete the large volume of complex reports we produce but still have a potluck lunch with room for everyone."

"A strong feeling of belonging, almost like a community within a community -- that is our trademark. And the tone is evident with that first step inside the front door," Herron says. "Janese, office manager, doubles as the warm and friendly voice on the phone whenever a caller needs to speak to a live person, so there is never a missed message. Also, all reports from around the country are downloaded to our servers via a LAN and assembled here for delivery."

Clients Come First

At Herron Companies, we’ve worked very hard to achieve more than just business as usual. No, we’re not the Nordstrom Brothers, but we do share a common philosophy with them: Make every effort to treat your people well, and they will in turn treat your clients well.

Perhaps Chief Executive Officer and President Chris Wade sums it up best: "Sales at most appraisal firms are handled by someone who is first an appraiser; this means that they do not have the time to focus on sales until they are almost out of work. It is difficult to balance appraising property and selling appraisals. Appraisers are often away from the office for hours or days at a time, so responses to quote requests are sometimes long in coming. Not at Herron!" Rod Shain, Head of our Sales Marketing Division, mans the phones practically around the clock to ensure our clients’ needs are met in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, it won’t be every day that you’ll need an appraisal, environmental report, or litigation support, but when you do, we hope that you’ll want to work with people who represent much more than just your everyday company. And if you’re ever in the neighborhood, feel free to drop in for popcorn and friendly conversation!

Herron Companies

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