Litigation Support

At Herron Companies, we know that winning is key.

That’s why we believe it’s important to know whether your expert appraiser can actually win in court. Do they have a strategic mind? Are they shrewd and articulate? Can they command respect in the courtroom? Unfortunately, the stereotypical appraiser does not fit this role, and finding one who does can be challenging. But we can help.

Herron CompaniesFor us, being in the courtroom is second nature, and our very solid strategy has resulted in an incredible record of courtroom wins. We have prepared thousands of case strategy reviews and support for depositions, interrogatories, arbitration, and trials; full and partial property interest definition and analysis; bankruptcy and reorganization; estate, inheritance, and gift tax documentation support; marital, partnership, and corporate dissolutions; condemnation and eminent domain cases; and going public/private mergers, acquisitions, and buy-outs.

Herron Senior Vice President Jeffrey Key, MAI, believes that our Litigation Support Division team is the best choice for appraisal technical assistance because we bring a wide diversity of experience and education to the table. We’re a team and not just a one-pony show. We regularly consult among ourselves, which means that difficult issues receive the perspective of more than 80 years of appraisal experience, along with the benefit of our combined finance, engineering, and legal backgrounds.

Careful preparation is the key.

Our team enjoys helping clients sift through technical issues and determine whether they have a strong case. If not, we won’t hold back -- we will tell you what you need to know. We thoroughly examine the logic, data, and analyses of the opposing appraiser. As Key observes: "There is a lot of gratification in sifting through the "debris" and coming up with the right answer, especially if it results in a great case for our client."

Both Jeffrey and Lawrence Pynes, the manager of the Litigation Support Division, meticulously strategize every case, whether they will be testifying before a judge or jury or just preparing questions for a lawyer client to ask other witnesses. Our bottom line is that Herron’s Litigation Division doesn’t like to see highly paid experts get away with making mistakes, particularly if those mistakes hurt our clients.

Thanks to the dedication, diligence, and expertise of Jeffrey, Lawrence, and the rest of the Litigation Team, clients are often saved from the stress of a courtroom showdown. In fact, Herron has had cases where we’ve been able to save money for our clients because we’ve been able to help them negotiate a beneficial settlement out of court. So, much of our contribution is made well before we ever step into the courtroom. By the way, we also enjoy working with accountants and other professionals as they deal with real estate-oriented business transactions and other matters where we can provide technical expertise.

Our Litigation Support Division has pretty well seen it all. Please give us the opportunity to show that Herron Companies is your best choice for litigation support.

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